Why You Need to Brush Your Tongue

If you have a regularly established oral care routine, you most likely brush your teeth twice a day. However, brushing your tonguewhat many people forget to do within their routine is to brush their tongue. Your tongue is just as important to care for as your teeth, so here are a few reasons why you need to spend some time brushing it daily.

Bacteria – Your tongue is home to many different types of harmful bacteria that not only can cause cavities, but can do damage to your gums as well. These germs hide in between your taste buds, as well as other cracks and spaces on your tongue. Brushing your tongue gently with your tooth brush or a tongue scraper helps to get rid of those nasty germs and keep your mouth healthy.

Beating bad breath – Not only does brushing your tongue help to keep germs from forming there, but it also helps to keep bad breath at bay as well. These different types of harmful bacteria and other germs can foster halitosis, causing bad breath. Additionally, these germs can cause tooth decay and cavities, which can lead to bad breath as well.

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