Why Choose Dental Implants in Brooklyn Over Dentures

woman looking at her new dental implants in a mirrorIf you have one or more missing teeth, you’re probably wondering about your options for replacement. An increasingly popular alternative today is dental implants in Brooklyn. Dentures were the choice years ago, but now, you have a dental product that improves upon what was once the only option.

To get the scoop on the advantages of implants, it is best to talk to an experienced dentist in Brooklyn. That way, you get the information right from the expert and can ask the questions you have. However, dentists have made clear what they consider to be the benefits. One of the most important is the permanence.

Dental implants are placed in your mouth to serve as your new tooth roots. These are implanted in the sockets where the lost tooth or teeth were, and the jawbone grows around them. A porcelain tooth is then attached to these artificial roots. The procedure makes them a permanent part of your mouth. Your new teeth do not slip or slide in your mouth. They do not need to be taken out to clean.

Patients at Park Slope Dentistry in Brooklyn tell us they feel so much more confident and attractive with their dental implants. As well, we often find their oral health has greatly improved. We encourage you to talk to our dentist about how to make your new implants a part of your mouth forever.