Who’s at Risk for Tooth Loss?

Losing teeth is something not many of us have been excited about past the age of 10. However, it is something dentist and hygienist working on patientthat many adults are at risk for as they becoming older and is often times out of their control. Besides a visit to your Park Slope dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy and clean, how do you know if you’re at risk for losing your teeth? Here are three factors that could be working against you when it comes to tooth loss.

Gum disease – If you suffer from gum disease your chances of losing your teeth are higher.  With gum disease, your gums are robbed of moisture for long periods of time, making them dry, cracked, and eventually more susceptible to disease. This not only puts your gums at risk, but it also puts your teeth, tongue, and jaw at risk as well.

Not receiving regular dental care – If you haven’t had regular dental check-ups and cleanings throughout your life, you’re more at risk for losing your teeth than someone who has had dental care. Dental hygiene is something that needs to be maintained pretty regularly, and isn’t something that can be put on hold.

Smoking – While is the not only damaging to your overall health, this is one of the most established contributing factors to tooth loss in adults. Smoking often causes other gum and tooth related issues like gum disease, dry mouth, and bad breath.

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