Whitening Your Teeth – What You Need to Know

Everyone wants that gorgeous, Hollywood smile, but are teeth whitening procedures and whitening productsdental tools really safe and effective?

Over-the-counter whiteners are obviously the much more affordable option, but they may not always provide the most optimal whitening results. Whitening products contain peroxide in varying strengths and the chemicals in whitening solutions are not ideal when absorbed into the gums or ingested. When using over-the counter whitening products, you’ll most likely get the greatest result from whitening strips. These products adhere well to your teeth’s surface, especially when used on the top teeth, which keeps the whitening gel where it should be so that it can easily penetrate through the surface. It’s important to follow instructions exactly with these types of whitening products, as improper or overuse can cause harm to your teeth leaving them appearing a transparent blue/gray.

Your best bet is to look into professional teeth whitening in Brooklyn, NY. Though much more expensive, professional teeth whiteners contain up to 40% peroxide compared to the 3-10% in store bought brands, so you’ll get a much deeper and effective result. Another advantage to professional whitening is that your dentist will create molds specifically for your mouth so the tray will fit snugly along your teeth. This direct contact produces a much more visible result as well as prevents the peroxide from seeping out and onto the gums or being swallowed.

Common foods, drinks, and smoking can cause teeth to stain and lose their vibrancy, but teeth whitening Brooklyn assists in reversing those effects. It’s important to note that there is only so much that can be done for a tooth’s color and realistically, the whitest your teeth can get is about two to three shades lighter than their current state. It is also important to practice good oral health care as regular brushing and flossing will also assist in keeping your teeth white and shining.