When You Need Emergency Dentistry in Windsor Terrace

dentist with patient We all know that emergencies do happen. They can occur at any time or place, or for a variety of reasons. One big concern families have is recognizing a dental emergency. The best option when you or someone you love has severe pain or has had a tooth knocked out is to reach out for emergency dentistry in Windsor Terrace. That way, you can get advice right from the source.

Severe pain could result from an infected tooth root. The infection in the tooth canal spreads, causing extreme discomfort of the tooth and gums. Often, the infection shows up as swelling and pus. Talk to a dentist right away about this problem and what needs to be done.

A tooth that has been knocked out of your mouth can often be saved. First, the bleeding must be stopped and then the tooth may be able to be replanted. Seek advice from a qualified dentist to address this problem. Know that you can always reach out to Dr. Ronald Teichman at Park Slope Dentistry for your dental emergency. Whether it’s dental or an emergency of another sort, being prepared and knowing whom to call in the event of such an occurrence is the smart advice.