What You Should Know About Dental Sealants

You probably had a dental visit when the hygienist has put a tray on your molars, with a special paste that has to be set with a special light. What the hygienist isBrooklyn NY dentist doing is putting a dental sealant on your molars to help protect them from debris, decay, and acid erosion. But have you ever really thought about what dental sealants do for you and why you have them done? Here’s a brief explanation of why your dental team suggests you get sealants and how they help keep you healthy for years to come.

What are sealants?

After your adult molars have come in, your dentist wants to make sure that these teeth stay intact, healthy, and working properly for many years. Sealants help your teeth do that: they’re a thin layer of plastic resin that seals your back teeth from any corrosion. This is extremely important for these molars because they are used the most during eating and can wear down when they aren’t properly taken care of. Since your enamel is supposed to be the barrier that protects your actual tooth from harm and pain, the sealant just gives it another layer of armor against digestive acids, food, and other types of damage.

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