What You Need to Know About Halitosis

dental-exam-brroklyn-dentistHalitosis is a clinical term for bad breath, a common problem that affects virtually everyone at some point or another. While many cases of halitosis – like bad breath in the mornings or after eating certain foods – can be quickly wiped away with your toothbrush, some are more stubborn. Because long-term halitosis may be the first sign of a more serious problem, it is important not to put off investigating the source of your condition.

What Are Some Common Causes of Halitosis?

• Dry mouth
• Smoking
• Allergies
• Multiple prescription medications
• Pungent foods
• Weight loss
• Respiratory infections
• Stomach disorders
• Liver and kidney disease
• Chronic sinusitis
• Gum disease
• Poor oral hygiene
• Oral infections

How Is Halitosis Treated?

In the case of short-term halitosis, chances are that food or an incomplete oral care routine is the culprit. To eliminate odor-causing bacteria, brush your teeth at least twice a day and finish the evening with a quick scrape of your tongue’s surface. Dentists also recommend flossing every day to dislodge stubborn food particles that can cause bad breath and decay.

If you don’t see any improvements with better oral hygiene, schedule a dental appointment. Trained in diagnosing and treating halitosis, dentists in Park Slope can quickly determine whether your halitosis is caused by an oral issue or a potentially different, treatable medical condition.