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What is Staining Your Teeth to Cause You to Need Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn?

Over the years, your teeth have been subjected to a variety of foods and beverages that have stained your teeth. With stains on your teeth, you might not feel as confident when smiling anymore, but you can change that because Park Slope Dentistry offers teeth whitening in Brooklyn. With our take-home or in-office treatments for teeth whitening in Brooklyn, you can shave the stains off of your teeth and start loving your bright, white smile again.

To help reduce the stains from coming back, our dental team wanted to make you aware of the foods and beverages that are causing the stains. Some of the items listed below you are probably aware can stain your teeth, but some might surprise you.


Most people are aware that coffee, wine, and sodas are not a healthy choice for your teeth because of the staining capabilities. However, you should also be mindful that tea can stain your teeth too. It is not limited to one specific type either because all kinds of tea erode the enamel on your teeth. The more you consume these beverages, the more likely your teeth will stain. If you are going to consume these drinks, you should brush your teeth after to prevent the beverages from breaking down the enamel on your teeth.


Many different types of food have the ability to stain your teeth. We are only going to be able to list a couple of the main ones. Of course, sugary sweets and candy are going to be bad for your teeth, but there are healthy foods that can be harmful to your white smile. Blueberries are healthy for you to eat because of the antioxidants, but will quickly stain your teeth. Just because it is healthy for your body, does not mean it is healthy for your teeth. Other berries have the same stain capabilities too. You should also be aware that tomato sauce can stain your teeth, so you should brush after eating spaghetti and other types of pasta.

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