What Happens Your Mouth When You Get Mouth Piercings

Park Slope DentistsThere is a rising trend amongst younger adults that involves some type of mouth piercing. If you are considering getting an oral piercing, you might want to reconsider because it can be damaging to your health. Discover a couple of ways below that a mouth piercing can affect your oral health.


Anytime you get a piercing, you are at risk for getting an infection. However, with an oral piercing, your chances are a little more significant because your entire mouth is constantly wet and moisture increases the growth of bacteria. Putting yourself at risk for infection is not the best idea.

Damaged Teeth

By having a piece of metal in your mouth, your chances of chipping a tooth increases dramatically. You might not even realize how often you are playing with this piece of metal throughout the entire day which causes you to repeatedly hit your teeth over and over again with your piercing.

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