What Foods are Good for Your Teeth?

Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your anatomy, and the focus when it comes to protecting leafy greensthem is usually which foods you should avoid, but are there foods that can actually improve the health of your teeth? Yes!


Cheese and yogurt contain calcium and protein to help build enamel. Chewing on cheese help produce more saliva in your mouth, and also increase the pH level in your mouth, making it less acidic. Meanwhile, yogurt can help by providing good bacteria which crowds out the bad bacteria that cause decay. Just make sure you pick a plain, low sugar option.

Leafy Greens

This one should come as no surprise. Everyone knows that dark, leafy greens are powerhouse foods, providing endless health benefits, but you may not be aware of how good they are for your teeth. Greens are high in calcium and contain vitamins and minerals that are known to fight gum disease.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit being healthy for your teeth may seem counterintuitive because of their sugar and acidity content, but apples can actually be beneficial. The high fiber and water content of apples help your mouth produce saliva and also stimulates your gums. Celery and Carrots have a similar effect.


Nuts like almonds are high in protein and calcium and are low in sugar, making them great for your teeth!

Need more information about your oral health? There are plenty of dentists in Brooklyn to help you improve the health of your smile!