Tooth Loss: 3 Uncommon Causes

Dental experts suggest that the prevention of tooth loss is partially in our control. While there are many people looking at patient in dentist chairdifferent reasons as to why someone might lose a tooth, here are three of the biggest contributors.

  • Poor dental hygiene is a common factor to tooth loss and most oral health problems. Those who don’t regularly visit the dentist are missing out. Going to the dentist twice year is like a mini physical for your teeth. The dentist can see things that you don’t necessarily notice and help fix them before you run into problems. Be sure to keep a routine when it comes to brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist.
  • Smoking and gum disease are linked, which causes problems with your gums not being able to fight off infection. Gum disease itself is one of the leading causes for tooth loss. By stopping smoking and seeing your dentist about any problems related to your gums, you can lessen or stop the possibility of tooth loss.
  • Pre-existing conditions can also attribute to tooth loss. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis also have strong ties to gum disease. Be sure to take care of your pre-existing conditions while planning your oral hygiene maintenance.

Tooth loss is seemingly preventable, so be sure to take steps when caring for you health and your teeth. For more information, schedule an appointment with your dentist. At Park Slope Dental, a premier Brooklyn dentist office, we help you create a plan that prevents and aids in any issues stemming from gum disease or tooth loss. Learn more online or by calling us at 718.768.1111.