Tips for Treating a Canker Sore

Canker sores are one of the most common oral issues to pop up, and are one of the easiest to treat. While man doing a salt rinse for canker soresthey’re uncomfortable to deal with, they can be treated relatively quickly with drug store medication or home remedies. Here are some easy tips on how to treat a canker sore if you develop one.

Salt water rinse – One of the most common treatments of a canker sore is a salt water rinse. The way it works is the salt helps to raise the alkaline levels in your mouth, making it hard for the bacteria the canker sore lives on to grow. Additionally, a salt water rinse can help to fight inflammation and irritation that the sore causes in your mouth.

Brush gently – If you’re suffering from a cold sore, try to stay away from brushing your teeth to vigorously in efforts to avoid any further irritation to the area. Brushing too hard or too often can affect the area in which the canker sore lies, making it a little more painful than if you were to brush more gently.

Using ice – While chewing on it is not recommended because it can cause tooth damage, allowing ice to sit near the canker sore can help to alleviate pain. Not only does the cold reduce inflammation in that area, but it also helps to temporarily numb the sore as well.

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