Three Mistakes you’re making with Your Toothbrush

toothbrush with toothpaste on it near faucet Often times when eating, we don’t always consider the damage that the food we’re consuming could have on our teeth. Outside of candy and soft drinks, many people weren’t educated on the dangers that some foods could pose to your oral health. Here are three foods that you or may not know that are damaging your teeth when consuming them.

Raisins – This is one food that can seem very healthy for you overall, but detrimental to your oral health. The reason why these small, sweet snacks are bad for your teeth are because they’re jam-packed with fructose, which is a concentrated version of sugar. This can cause severe tooth decay if you’re not brushing your teeth as often as you should.

Ice – Even though this may not seem like a food by definition, many people still consume ice like it’s an afternoon snack. When you’re crunching on ice, no matter what size it is, you’re putting lots of stress on your teeth. This causes damage to your tooth enamel and could potentially break a tooth if enough pressure is added. Long story short – if you have a habit of crunch on ice when sipping on a drink, skip it or go light on it for the sake of your teeth.

Citrus fruit – There’s really nothing like enjoying a cold glass of lemonade with actual, fresh lemon slices wedged in your glass. While this is refreshing, citrus fruits are pretty damaging to your teeth. Whether you’re a fan of oranges as a snack or enjoy a grapefruit for breakfast each morning, take it easy on the citrus and your teeth will thank you for it in the long run.

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