The Fight Against Dry Mouth & Why It’s Important

When it comes to keeping your body hydrated throughout the day, it’s important to think of all the ways thawoman at dentist fighting against dry moutht water helps you out. One of the parts of the body that needs hydration more than anywhere else is your mouth. When you don’t stay hydrated, you’re more at risk for suffering from Xerostomia, or dry mouth. Here’s why it’s important to fight against dry mouth and how it can negatively affect your oral health.

Dry Mouth Causes

Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of uncontrollable factors, such as medications, existing conditions, and nerve damage. However, the most controllable factor that plays into dry mouth is dehydration. Many Americans do not always drink the recommended amount of water that’s required of them, thus causing certain things like dry mouth to happen.


If you’re experiencing dry mouth, here are some common symptoms you may see:

  • Sticky, dry mouth feeling
  • Dry lips and potentially cracking around your mouth
  • Bad breath

Things Dry Mouth Can Cause

Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also damaging to your oral health. Things like gingivitis, tooth damage, and providing a flourishing breeding ground for dangerous bacteria are all things that can be prevented by addressing dry mouth. Additionally, you might have issues digesting food properly due to the lack of saliva your body isn’t making, which can cause issues with your gastrointestinal track.

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