The Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

While some people swear by one method over another, dentists have said that as long as you have a routine of Portrait of boy with bracesregular brushing and flossing, it doesn’t matter what type of brush you use. Electric toothbrushes have benefits that most health professionals forget about though.

  • Electric toothbrushes are great for those with mobility impairments. They can help you get into spaces that are too painful to normally reach. Additionally, they can help with smaller, more difficult oral health tasks, such as flossing.
  • Most electric toothbrushes come with timers. This is perfect for those who may not spend enough time on their oral health routine. For example, an electric toothbrush is ideal for children who may rush through or find keeping up with their oral health boring.
  • For those who have issues with gum health, electric toothbrushes can help. These types of toothbrushes clean deeper and remove more plaque. This, along with regular flossing, can greatly improve the gum health of those with sensitive gums.

Talking with your dentist can help you determine whether or not an electric toothbrush is right for you. Park Slope Family Dentistry is knowledgeable in general and cosmetic dentistry practices and is ready to help you maintain a healthy smile. Additionally, Park Slope Family Dentistry provides care to patients of all ages. Contact them today to get you and your family into a dental routine you’ll love.