The Benefits of Nitrous Oxide During Dental Procedures

Commonly referred to as laughing gas, happy gas and inhalation sedation, nitrous oxide is a popular sedation technique widely used throughout many dental practices.  If you’re currently scheduled to go under for a dental procedure, and the anxiety of doing so is making you feel ill, remember that many times patients don’t actually feel any pain during or even after the procedure. After about five minutes of breathing in nitrous oxide, a patient begins to feel a euphoric feeling that spreads through the whole body, allowing dental procedures to move forward without the patient feeling anxious .

What are some other advantages of nitrous oxide?

  • Nitrous oxide works very rapidly and shows pain-killing properties within 2 or 3 minutes.
  • It is possible to control the depth of sedation, by either increasing or decreasing gas intake.
  • Gas is eliminated from the body within 5 minutes after the gas is stopped. This results in no “hangover” effect and patients are able to safely drive home after the procedure without an escort.
  • Nitrous oxide is very safe, minimizes the need for injections  and has few, if any, side effects.

In addition to offering nitrous oxide during dental procedures in our Brooklyn dental office, we also provide behavior modification therapy to alleviate any dental fear. To learn more about Park Slope Dentistry in Brooklyn, New York, or to make an appointment, contact us today at 718.768.1111.