Tears and Fears: Avoiding Both When it Comes to Child Dentistry

children-dentistA lifetime of proper dental care starts from a young age, but is it very common for little ones to be fearful of their visits to the dentist. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to ensure that your child has a successful (and fearless!) visit. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your little ones calm and relaxed prior to their big visit.

Go to a dentist that is good with children. The professional staff at Park Slope Dentistry is experienced in treating children of all ages using behavior modification and gentle dental techniques.

Keep it simple. Don’t make a big deal out of the appointment. Making it feel as normal and routine as possible will help to keep your little one feeling at ease. For added bonus, avoid bribery! It is common for us to tell our little ones, “If you’re good, we’ll stop for ice cream!” This may make your child believe that they’re in for a dreadful time, so much so that you need to bribe them.

Stay positive. Don’t discuss things like potential pain or shots, as these words often trigger tears and fears. Instead, emphasize that a visit to the dentists simply means strong and healthy teeth! You should also avoid discussing the specifics of your own past experiences at the dentist. Every visit is different, and you may lead them to expecting something very different than what they will experience.

Keeping your child cool and calm about their visits to the dentist isn’t hard. Focus on the positives – they’re simply leading a healthy life!