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What’s a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentistry Windsor TerraceYou might be questioning what classifies as a dental emergency. Here at Park Slope Dentistry, we want to inform you about injuries that should be taken seriously. Listed beneath this paragraph are just a few things that are considered a dental emergency and should be treated accordingly.

A Tooth Get Knocked Out

As soon as your tooth gets knocked out, you should locate it and rinse it off because it needs to be placed back in the socket as soon as possible. You can turn to our dental office when you need a knocked out tooth to be positioned back in place.

Gum Injury

If you have been hit in the mouth and your gums are bleeding, you need to visit your dentist immediately, so they can assess the damage and treat your gums accordingly.

Chipped Tooth

When you have a cracked tooth, it can cause other problems. This is not as severe as the other two injuries, but it should not be disregarded.

When a dental emergency arises, you might find yourself in a panic because you are unsure what to do. You can turn to Park Slope Dentistry when you need emergency dentistry in Windsor Terrace. Give our dental team a call at (718) 768-1111 immediately.

Our Emergency Services

Emergency Dentistry Windsor TerraceThe slightest pain in your mouth can cause you discomfort because you are not used to the sensitivity. Whether you feel the pain when you are chewing food or all the time, it is vital to have a dentist examine your mouth before the condition worsens.

Abscess- The most common symptoms of an abscessed tooth are swollen gums, pain, redness, and throbbing. If you are experiencing any symptoms, you should visit a dentist right away before infection spreads.

Root Canals- Depending on the severity of the infection, you might need an emergency root canal. A discolored tooth, pain when eating, and swollen gums are common signs you might need a root canal.

Extractions- There are many reasons to have a tooth pulled including decay and infection. If you do need to have a tooth removed, you can rely on our team to take care of you during your procedure.

These are just a few of our many emergency procedures we can do, so you can enjoy a pain-free smile again. If you need emergency dentistry in Windsor Terrace, you can rely on Park Slope Dentistry for your dental needs. Contact our office by calling us at (718) 768-1111 right now.