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Schedule Your Dental Appointment with Us Today

Are you delaying your routine dental appointment because of your busy schedule? You shouldn’t wait when it comes to your dental health because it is a crucial part of your overall health. Below you will discover a couple of reasons why you need to give your Brooklyn dentist a call right now and schedule an appointment.Brooklyn Dentist

Early Detection of Dental Issues

When you go to the dentist office for your regular visits, your dentist is able to examine your mouth periodically. By doing this, your Brooklyn dentist can detect any warning signs before it turns into something more serious like a cavity turning into severe tooth decay. It is better to go to your dental appointments on schedule than to only show up when you have pain in your mouth.

Regular Cleanings

The dental cleanings that you receive during your six-month checkups are beneficial when it comes to the health of your mouth. Your teeth are polished and any tartar or plaque that has built up over time is scraped away. This process allows you to have a fresh, clean mouth.

Start dialing our phone number (718) 768-1111 to schedule an appointment with your Brooklyn dentist, so you can enjoy a healthy smile.

Spooky Dangers Hiding in Halloween Candy

Brooklyn DentistThe end of October is a favorite holiday for children because they can indulge in dressing up and eating large amounts of candy. However, we want you to be aware of the dangers that are lurking in the Halloween candy your child has collected this year, and why they should be brushing their teeth often, especially after consuming these candies.

Harmful to Teeth

The amount of sugar that is in candy, in general, is high. When your child is eating a lot of candy in one sitting or throughout a couple of days, it can be harmful to their teeth. From eating hard candy and chipping teeth to the sticky sugars clinging to their teeth, you would be surprised how damaging candy can be to your little one’s smile.

Causes Cavities

When your child is eating candy and not brushing their teeth, the sugars stay on their teeth for a long time which can lead to decay and cavities. You should monitor how much candy your little one is eating, and make sure they are brushing and flossing their teeth daily.

Call a Brooklyn dentist at (718) 768-1111 if you are concerned with the candy your little one is eating. You can schedule an appointment to have us take a look at your child’s teeth.

Flossing Tips from a Brooklyn Dentist

Brooklyn DentistTaking care of your teeth goes beyond just going to the dentist twice a year and brushing your teeth. Most people overlook flossing for many reasons including not knowing the proper way to floss or just unaware of the benefits flossing has on your teeth.

Get Between Each Tooth- As a Brooklyn dentist, we understand it can be difficult to reach the teeth in the back of your mouth. Just because these teeth are hard to reach, does not mean you should just skip flossing them. It is vital to floss between all of your teeth, not just the ones that are easy to reach.

Repetition- You should be flossing your teeth at least once a day. The more you floss, the healthier your teeth and gums will be. Plus, if you are flossing your teeth every day, it will become easier to reach the teeth in the back of your mouth.

Removes Plaque and Food from Hard to Reach Places- One of the main reasons you should be flossing your teeth every day is to remove built-up plaque and food that gets stuck between your teeth. The bristles on your toothbrush cannot always reach these areas.

Call a Brooklyn dentist at (718) 768-1111 for additional flossing tips today.

3 Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth

The health of your teeth is vital to your overall health, so you should practice a good oral hygiene routine every day. As a Brooklyn dentist, we want you to understand the dangers of certain foods that are commonly consumed by many people. Take a look at our list below and discover why it is essential to brush and floss every day.Brooklyn Dentist

Ice- Many people chew on ice once they have finished their beverage. Even though ice is technically just frozen water, it can be harmful to your tooth enamel. Chewing on anything hard, like ice, can damage the enamel.

Chips- Packed with starch, chips can potentially cause some damage to your teeth. Once the starch breaks down in your mouth, it becomes sugar and can easily stick to your teeth.

Soda- Carbonated drinks are very acidic and filled with sugar which can cause damage to your teeth especially if you do not care for your teeth. The combination of a poor oral hygiene routine and sodas can cause your enamel to break down. Your teeth will thank you when you swap sodas out for water.

Brushing and flossing can remove the sugars left behind in your mouth that can break down tooth enamel. Call our dental office at (718) 768-1111 to learn about other types of food that can be harmful to your teeth.

What Causes Halitosis?

Everyone knows that onions and other types of food are known for giving a person bad breath, but did you know other things can cause bad breath? Check out some other causes of halitosis that do not include food below.  Brooklyn Dentist

Lack of Brushing- When someone does not brush their teeth regularly or adequately, food and bacteria can get left behind which can cause bad breath. If you do not notice an improvement in your breath after fixing your oral hygiene routine, you should talk with your Brooklyn dentist.

Dry Mouth- If your mouth is not producing enough saliva, it can cause you to have bad breath on a daily basis. The saliva in your mouth has an important job and it is to help clean your mouth.

Infections- A common sign of gum disease is halitosis. However, it could also be a sign of an infection if you just had oral surgery.

If you are starting to notice your breath more and more and it is not consistent with any foods you are eating, you should make an appointment with a Brooklyn dentist immediately. Call our dental office at (718) 768-1111 right now because we have treatments designed for halitosis.