Sleep Apnea: What is It & How Your Dentist Can Help

Do you get complaints about how much you snore at night? Do you wake up repeatedly in the night? What dentist and hygienists about waking up in the morning and still completely exhausted? You might be suffering from Sleep Apnea. But before talking to your doctor, you should schedule an appointment with your Brooklyn dentist.

Sleep Apnea is caused by repeated breathing interruptions while sleeping. This is due to the muscles in the back of your throat are weak, your tongue is too large, or your jaw is too small. These factors cause airway obstructions, causing you to stop breathing for a few seconds or even a few minutes. Because of this, your body tells you to wake up, making you lose sleep.

But why does this involve your dentist? Well, one of the big signs of sleep apnea, aside from snoring or fatigue, is tooth grinding. When in an episode of not breathing, your body grinds its teeth and tenses your jaw. This in turn causes damage to your teeth and gums. Additionally, small jaw, tongue with scalloped edges, and throat redness are signs of oral health decline due to Sleep Apnea. Your dentist can look at your teeth and suggest a sleep study if they think Sleep Apnea is to blame.

Talking to your dentist about discomfort due to grinding teeth, or any of the other oral health symptoms mentioned can help you and your general practitioner diagnose whether or not you suffer from Sleep Apnea. For more information and to maintain your healthy teeth, be sure to contact Park Slope Dental! This renowned Brooklyn dentist office specializes in a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Contact them today to help you get a healthier smile and go back to sleep!