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Signs of Gum Disease from Dentists in Brooklyn

When people think about going to the dentist, usually the first thing that comes to mind is teeth. However, oral hygiene also includes taking care of your gums. After all, your gums help secure your teeth. So many people focus on their teeth that they forget to take care of their gums. Brushing and flossing your teeth can help keep your gums healthy, but you still need to stay vigilant for signs of gum disease. There are two different types of gum disease including Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Our knowledgeable team at Park Slope Dentistry wants you to be aware of the common signs of gum disease, so we compiled a list of the symptoms below.

Bad Breath- It is common to have bad breath after eating certain foods or when you wake up in the morning. If you start noticing your breath more often, this could be a sign of gum disease. You should make an appointment with a dentist, so they can take a look at any other symptoms.

Pain- If you are feeling pain or sensitivity in your mouth when eating, it could be a warning sign of gum disease. However, pain in the mouth is also a common symptom of teeth grinding, an abscessed tooth, and more. Another sign can present itself in your mouth like a loose tooth. This is why it is vital to consult with dentists in Brooklyn, so you can receive the treatment you need right away.

Changes in Your Gums- If you start to notice your gums turning red or becoming swollen, you should make time to see dentists in Brooklyn. Some people might even experience their gums bleeding. Treating gum disease is about controlling the infection before it spreads to other parts of your mouth.

Waiting is not an option when you are experiencing common signs of gum disease because the longer a person waits to visit dentists in Brooklyn, the more time the infection has to spread. If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease, call our office as soon as possible at (718) 768-1111 to make an appointment.

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