Ready for Your Smile Makeover?

Now that it is officially 2019, it is time to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions. The best way to kick off this year is to love your smile. When you schedule a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Teichman, you will be able to address the reasons why you do not like your smile with someone who can create a tailored plan to fix your smile.Dental Porcelain Veneers Brooklyn Heights

If you’re uncomfortable with your smile because of discolored teeth, chips, uneven spaces in between your teeth, or crooked teeth, you can benefit from smile makeover at Park Slope Dentistry. After discussing the areas of concern with your teeth, we will begin sharing options with you that will fix the areas you do not like about your smile.

From dental implants, Invisalign®, and teeth whitening to dental porcelain veneers in Brooklyn Heights, we will provide the services you need to love your smile again.

If one of your resolutions is to feel good about yourself and your smile is holding you back from that, you can come into our dental office for a smile makeover. Do not put off your resolutions this year, when we can help you with your smile. This year is going to be the one you schedule a consultation with Dr. Teichman by calling (718) 768-1111 today.