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Comprehensive Dental Exams in Brooklyn, NY

At Park Slope Dentistry, we recommend comprehensive exams and regular checkups every six months to 12 months to keep your teeth looking great and to prevent painful problems from developing. Dr. Teichman and his experienced staff offer preventive dentistry as the foundation for complete oral health.

Dental Exams

At Park Slope Dentistry, we believe that preventive dental care is important to help every member of your family maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. With comprehensive exams and dental care, our goal is to prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place.

Daily brushing and flossing habits are necessary for basic maintenance, but routine visits to the dentist are crucial for your teeth’s health. To prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place, start with regular visits to our office. You should schedule a teeth cleaning at our office every four to six months. Preventive dental cleanings leave your mouth looking and feeling great.

During dental exams, we will perform the following:

  • Dental Exams: Dr. Teichman and his associates will thoroughly examine your teeth, mouth, and gums, looking for signs of disease or other problems. Their goal is to help you maintain proper oral health by identifying and treating any problems to prevent them from becoming more serious.
  • Digital X-rays: Based on your age, symptoms, and risk of disease, we may recommend that you have digital X-rays taken. At our office, we proudly feature the latest equipment in digital X-ray technology, including a digital panoramic machine. With this digital X-ray technology, we are able to provide faster, higher quality care and use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays.

With digital X-ray technology, we can diagnose problems that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as damage to jawbones, abscesses, impacted teeth, bone loss, and decay.

To learn more about comprehensive exams or to schedule an appointment at Park Slope Dentistry, contact us today at 718.768.1111.

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