Oral Health After 60: Five Risks You Should be Aware Of

As you age, the importance of maintaining oral health increases. Leaving your oral care unchecked puts you at senior dental carerisk for developing serious problems. Schedule your appointment with a Brooklyn dentist to help avoid these five major oral risks that increase with age:

  1. Tooth or Root Decay – As the gums recede, the roots of teeth may be exposed, leaving them vulnerable to decay. Help prevent decay by cleaning the gums and exposed root surfaces.
  1. Dry Mouth – Physical changes along with many commonly used medications can cause dry mouth. Because saliva assists in killing bacteria and supporting tooth enamel, dry mouth can increase the risk of oral disease. Ask your Brooklyn dentist if the medication you are taking is associated with dry mouth.
  1. Severe Gum Disease – This occurs when bacteria in plaque irritates the gums. Over time this condition destroys the gums, bone and ligaments supporting the teeth.
  1. Osteoporosis – This disease causes bones to become less dense and as bone density decreases, teeth may loosen and over time fall out.
  1. Mouth Cancer – The American Cancer Society reports that the average age of people diagnosed with mouth, throat and tongue cancer is 62. Early signs of mouth cancer include discolored patches in the mouth or open sores that last for a period of greater than two weeks.
  1. Remember to monitor your sugar intake and don’t miss regular appointments with your dentist to preserve your smile for decades to come.