Little Known Facts about Your Teeth

Your teeth are these to cut your food and create your trademark smile for pictures. However, there are plenty ofemale smilef things that you might not know about your teeth and how they play into your overall health and your body’s daily functions. Here are few things about your ivories that are just down-right fascinating!

Their best defense isn’t necessarily the brush – Did you know that while your oral health primarily relies on the brushing of your teeth, it’s not the most important thing to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape? Your saliva and the amount of saliva is actually your best defense when it comes to fighting plaque, keeping your gums healthy, and digesting your food properly.

Your teeth are unique to you only – Much like a thumbprint, the indentation your teeth leave in anything they clamp down on is unique to only you. Dental imprints identify you in the same way that a fingerprint does. While you loose teeth and things change in your mouth as you get older, the primary alingment and indentations do not change.

Your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body – Did you know that the hardest surface on your body is in your tooth enamel? While things like your diet, time, and your genetics have an impact on the health of your enamel, it remains the hardest part of your body because it protects the rest of your tooth from decay.

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