How Your Wisdom Teeth Can Hurt You

Wisdom teeth:  everyone gets them, and while not everyone experiences problems with them, most do, and mold of teeththe problems that can occur are pretty serious.


Pain is an inevitable result of getting your wisdom teeth in, and it can clue you in to a lot of other issues. Wisdom teeth can damage your jaw, nerves, and other teeth if you don’t have them removed as soon as possible. When you start experiencing oral pain you should definitely check in with a dentist like our friendly staff at Park Slope Family Dentistry to find out whether wisdom teeth are the cause.


Wisdom teeth do not have room to grow, which is why they can be such a major problem. If they are not removed quickly they can make your teeth crooked and cause crowding.


Sometimes wisdom teeth grow in sideways because other teeth or your jaw bone are preventing them from reaching the surface of your gums. This can cause major complications as the teeth continue to grow. Impacted wisdom teeth can severely damage your other teeth by pushing into them and displacing them. They can also increase your risk of cysts and infections.

Nerve Damage

There is a major nerve that lies along your jaw, and when your wisdom teeth develop roots they may tangle with the nerve, causing the nerve to become damaged when the teeth are removed. This complication can be easily prevented by taking proactive measures and removing the wisdom teeth before they develop roots.