How Your Baby’s Bottle Can Harm Their Teeth

A common infection that many first-time parents may not know about can all stem from your baby’s bottle and adorable child baby drinking water from bottlepacifier. Yes, that bottle is necessary to feed your baby and get them some nutrients vital to developing. But, leaving that bottle or pacifier with a baby in the crib while they sleep can result in an infection referred to as baby bottle tooth decay or ‘bottle tooth’. The issue with frequently dipping a pacifier in sugar or syrup or leaving a sugary drink in a bottle with your infant is that the sugar ends up causing decay. Your baby’s teeth are already new and fragile, and frequent sugar exposure, especially during time when the flow of saliva has decreased, can have serious consequences. While most frequently this occurs in the front teeth, any tooth can be affected by baby bottle tooth decay.

While you may think this isn’t necessarily that bad, since baby teeth are not permanent and will fall out on their own anyway, bottle tooth can cause many issues during those first important years of development. Your infant’s teeth are necessary for chewing, speaking, and smiling and serve as placeholders for the adult teeth that won’t be growing in for another few years. This infection can cause pain in your infant and have negative consequences down the road. Losing baby teeth to this infection increases the risk that your child’s adult teeth will grow crooked and damaged. It also increases the likelihood that they may cultivate poor eating habits and speech problems.

Now that you know about baby bottle tooth decay, you can make sure your infant has good dental hygiene so you can rest easy knowing this won’t be something your child will suffer from. For all good dental hygiene, you need a good dentist. You can trust Park Slope Dental to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy – visit us today at