How to Prevent Plaque

Your Brooklyn dentist may have already engraved this into your brain since your first appointment, but keeping plaque at a minimum on your teeth is extremely important. Plaque is nearly invisible and contains millions of bacteria and can cause tooth decay and gum disease if not regularly removed. One of the easiest ways to prevent plaque buildup aside from visiting your dentist for regular cleanings is a proper brushing and flossing routine.

Ideally, you should be brushing twice a day (morning and night) for at least a minute each time. Doing so will remove any leftover food particles as well as bad breath causing germs and bacteria. You should also be cleaning between your teeth on a daily basis by flossing or using an internal cleaner. It’s best to perform flossing at night, as any food particles between your teeth won’t be sitting there overnight.

A healthy diet also plays a part in plaque prevention. Be sure that your meals are balanced and limit your sugar intake. Plaque bacteria can convert sugar into tooth decaying acids so a buildup in your mouth can be detrimental if not removed.

There are a variety of different tools you can purchase to assist in plaque removal such as dental picks and over-the-counter orthodontic tools for when flossing with braces. Aside from a proper at-home dental routine, you should also be visiting your local dental clinic regularly for checkups and cleaning. Even if a cavity does form, it’s better to catch it when it’s new rather than allowing it to grow and require more extensive treatment down the road. If you’re concerned about a cavity or plaque buildup on your teeth, be sure to call your Brooklyn dentist to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.