How to Know if Waterpiks are Right for You

Getting between your teeth to get rid of plaque can be a tough job for floss, especially if you have sensitive gorgeous smilegums. While gum bleeding is a sign of early periodontitis, it is important that you’re not irritating your gums to the point where they become inflamed and unbearable. Many people choose to use a waterpik, or a device that sprays water between your teeth, to help get rid of plaque in a gentler way. Here are some ways in which a waterpik might be the right oral care tool for you.

Issues reaching areas of your mouth – If you struggle getting a tight space or between two very close teeth in your mouth clean, a waterpik could be an easy way for you to do so. It directs small amounts of  water to those areas with direct pressure, offering an easier way to clean between your teeth.

You have implants, crowns, or bridgework – A waterpik could be a wise option for you if you have dental crowns, implants, or bridgework done to your teeth. Flossing with traditional wax floss can be harsh and potentially damaging to this type of dental work, so a waterpik is a gentler option on those materials while still cleaning between them.

You have arthritis – If you suffer from arthritis, using a waterpik can be exponentially easier to clean in between your teeth than traditional flossing methods. A waterpik is larger and easier to grip, allowing you to have more control over operating it if you suffer from this disease.

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