How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is something we all experience throughout our lives on a variety of occasions. Whether it’s after we portrait of young black woman smiling with braceseat a heaping bowl of Chicken Scampi or we’re sick with the flu, bad breath can sometimes be inevitable. However if bad breath is something you experience on a daily basis, there’s a chance that this could be a problem you can’t fix with a piece of minty gum. If you’re looking for dentists in Brooklyn that can help you with your bad breath, our experienced staff at Park Slope Dentistry is here to help. Otherwise, here are some things you can do on a daily basis that can help to eliminate nasty breath.

Drink more water – Did you know that dry mouth is one of the most common triggers of bad breath? Treating dry mouth is as simple as drinking more water each day. This not only is good for the rest of your body, but also is good for your mouth too.

Quit smoking – If there’s one thing that causes more health issues throughout your entire body than any other habit, its smoking. Smoking can cause dry mouth, which in return causes bad breath. If you’re looking for help with quitting smoking, consult your medical doctor for help.

Practice good dental hygiene – Want to get rid of bad breath? Make sure that your dental routine is in check! Start by making sure that you’re brushing your teeth twice a day, as well as flossing at least once a day too. This will help not only keep your mouth in tip-top shape, but will also help to combat bad breath.

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