How to Conquer Halitosis

Park Slope Family DentistrySo, you have bad breath. Your sweetheart or friend grimaces when you are close to them with a whisper or a kiss. As embarrassing as it feels to realize your breath is assaulting someone, it’s the only way for you to know that your breath is odious and puts people off. Unless you want to ramp up your courage and ask a friend: “Does my breath stink?”

We aren’t talking about “morning breath,” which many people wake up with before they even get out of bed. Bad breath is the layman’s phrase for Halitosis, which results as a buildup of smelly bacteria that exudes the unpleasant air coming from your mouth.

The person with bad breath may have a problem condition that can be solved with the right treatment. For easy-to-fix solutions, many satisfied patients have been treated by Park Slope Family Dentistry. The professionals at this dental practice first rule out such causes as certain medicines and foods that may be causing the odor. They then provide routine suggestions to improve oral hygiene.

There is hope for the person with Halitosis. If you suffer from this condition, get help right away from Park Slope Family Dentistry. Don’t let your breath negatively impact your relationships. Instead, get the help you need and feel confident that your breath is as pleasant and fresh as a new spring day.