How Often Should You Actually Floss Your Teeth?

If there’s one common oral hygiene step that many people forget to do, it’s flossing their teeth. It’s not always the most comfortable of your oral health routine, but flossing your teeth is essential in keeping your entire mouth healthy. So how often should you floss? The answer has been debated among dentists for many years, but here are some general guidelines that you should follow when it comes to flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

Before or after you brush your teeth – There isn’t a right answer to whether you should floss before or after you brush your teeth. Regardless of when it should happen, it needs to happen at least once a day. Many dentists suggest sticking with a time of day that’s best for you – whether that’s in the morning or at night. Sticking with a routine can help to reinforce this habit in your brain, and keep your flossing in check.

Don’t overdo it – Along the same lines as over-brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t be over-flossing your teeth as well. Many people have the opposite problem when they forget to floss, however it isn’t uncommon for people to over-floss their teeth as well. Over-flossing can cause damage to your gums, as well as your tooth enamel too. Again, picking a time each day during your oral health routine can help to prevent over-flossing and make sure that you’re dedicating enough time to this very important task.

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