How Healthy is Your Mouth?

Keeping your mouth healthy is essential to keeping the rest of your body in tip-top shape as well.  Making sure person looking at dental x-raysthat your oral health is being looked at in the same way your overall health is viewed is essential in staying healthy. You could be brushing your teeth each day, but have you ever wondered the overall health of your mouth? Here are some things you should look at when examining your oral health.

Disease – Do you suffer from any cardiovascular diseases or Diabetes? Perhaps you suffer from TMJ or Sleep Apnea. Putting a microscope on the conditions you suffer from medically can help to bring to light oral issues as well. Certain heart conditions and Diabetes especially put those who suffer from them at risk for gum disease, so it’s important to be extremely aware of oral health as well.

Your Toothbrush – Whether you’re aware of it or not, your toothbrush is at the forefront of your oral health. Whether it’s the fact that you haven’t changed it in months or that you’re using a brush with tougher bristles than your mouth can handle, examine your toothbrush when looking at the health of your mouth.

Your Habits – What kind of habits do you do that involve your mouth? From smoking cigarettes to playing an instrument that has a mouth piece, your oral health revolves around the habits that involve using your mouth.

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