How Do You Get Tonsil Stones?

Park Slope DentistsWhen it comes to matters of the mouth, you can depend on our Park Slope dentists to help you realize what is happening in your mouth, whether you are experiencing pain on one side of your jaw or you are suffering from tonsil stones. Learn more about tonsil stones and what causes them to appear in your mouth below.

What are Tonsil Stones?

A tonsil stone is formed when a tiny bit of debris in your mouth hardens and calcifies at the back of your mouth. The sizes of tonsil stones can vary from small to large. If you are suffering from tonsil stones often, you should consider having your tonsils removed

What are the Signs of Tonsil Stones?

Bad breath is a primary sign of having tonsil stones because of the sulfur levels when you breathe out. If you are noticing your breath getting worse and worse, then you should look in the back of your mouth to determine if you have tonsil stones. Other signs include a sore throat, pain in the ear, and difficulty swallowing.

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