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Healthy Foods for Your Teeth – Dentist in Brooklyn, NY

You might think that the extent of your oral health care is brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis. However, the type of food and beverages you consume can also affect your teeth. If you are eating foods full of sugar, then you are more likely to get a cavity when sugars are left behind on your teeth.

In order to take care of your teeth, you need to be aware of everything that involves your teeth from the foods you eat to how often you are brushing your teeth. As a dentist in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Ronald Teichman wants you to choose foods that will have a positive effect on your teeth rather than a negative one. You are probably aware of the fact that sugary snacks are not healthy for you to eat, but do you know which foods are good for your teeth and gums?

Celery- The mixture of the crunching and the texture of the celery are very beneficial for your teeth because it helps clean the plaque off of your teeth. Plus, it helps generate saliva which washes away other bacteria in your mouth. So the next time you go to reach for a snack, do not forget the benefits of eating celery.

Cheese- Since cheese is rich in calcium, it will strengthen bone health and it tastes delicious too. Cheese will also generate more saliva in your mouth which will flush out bacteria.

Carrots- Much like celery, carrots are very crunchy which helps with producing saliva. By eating carrots, you are gently massaging your gums as you chew. Carrots are also bursting with Vitamin A which will help with strengthening tooth enamel.

Onions- Eating raw onions might not be ideal, but onions are powerful enough to kill bad bacteria in your mouth. By eating raw onions, you can help strengthen your teeth too.

These are just a couple of foods that will have a positive, healthy impact on your teeth and gums. Next time you go to the grocery store, you know which foods to put in your shopping cart. When you think twice about the foods you eat, your teeth, gums, and dentist in Brooklyn, NY, will thank you.

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