General Dentistry Services We Offer

When you are going to the dentist for a routine checkup, you are going in for general dentistry services.  To better understand the different types of general dentistry services, we have listed a few below for you to read.

Teeth Cleanings

It is vital for your dental health that you come in regularly for cleanings. Teeth cleaning is also essential because your teeth will be polished and the built-up plaque is removed, so your smile will be healthier.


These dental exams usually happen right after the teeth cleaning. The exam is crucial because it allows your dentist to detect any issues with your gums or teeth before it becomes severe.

Mouth Guards

If you are suffering from extreme pain in your mouth or jaw, it could be caused by clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Our dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to determine if a mouth guard would be the ideal solution for you.

Halitosis Treatment

When you have persistent bad breath, it can cause problems in all aspects of your life. The most common signs of halitosis are dry mouth, tooth decay, and gingivitis. When you turn to our team, we can provide you with effective treatments.

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