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Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth According to a Park Slope Dentist

As a Park Slope dentist, we want you to have a healthy smile without any pain. Imagine taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing each day, but you still are suffering from tooth pain. This pain could be caused by a couple of different things, but you might not realize you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. It is common for people who are stressed or have anxiety to grind their teeth at night. Besides tooth pain, there are other dangers of grinding your teeth. Discover other signs and risks of teeth grinding below.

Chipped Teeth- A person who grinds their teeth can easily chip a tooth while they are sleeping. You might not even notice it at first, but you will be able to feel it if the grinding continues. Your teeth’s enamel is also at risk because over time you can grind your teeth down and make them shorter. If you are feeling any pain in a specific tooth or your jaw, you should see a Park Slope dentist right away.

TMJ-This is also known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. The pressure can build up in your jaw from grinding your teeth throughout the night. With all this pressure building up, you can wake up with headaches, earaches, and serve jaw pain. In some instances, people have to have surgery to correct their jaw alignment.

Poor Sleep- The quality of your sleep is not ideal when you are grinding your teeth. You might wake up feeling very tired because you did not sleep soundly. You might not realize you are grinding your teeth until you notice the pain. There are options for protecting your teeth while you sleep such as a specific mouth guard.

There are other dangers of grinding your teeth, but a chipped tooth, TMJ, and poor sleeping habits are common. When you are ready to schedule an appointment with a Park Slope dentist, you can trust Park Slope Dentistry to take care of you and your teeth. Reach out to our office by calling (718) 768-1111 right now to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for grinding your teeth.

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