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Common Signs You Need a Root Canal According to a Brooklyn Dentist

When it comes to your oral health, you should always be proactive. By having routine dental visits, you are more likely to catch any minor problems before it becomes a significant health concern. If you are feeling discomfort in your mouth, you should schedule an appointment right away because it could be a sign of a severe issue like an infection. If there is an infection deep in the tooth, you will most likely need a root canal. At Park Slope Dentistry, we want to advise our clients of the common signs that you might need a root canal, so you can spot the early warning signs and make an appointment with a Brooklyn dentist.

Pain When Eating- If you notice pain in a tooth or area of your mouth when you are eating, you might need root canal therapy. You might only feel the pain when pressure is applied to the infected area.

Discolored Tooth- The color of a tooth changes when the root is dying. If you notice a tooth turning a darker color than your other teeth, you should make an appointment with a Brooklyn dentist right away.

Swollen Gums- Another symptom of pulp infection is swollen gums. This typically happens when the infection has spread from the root of your tooth to your gums.

Hot or Cold Sensitivity- There could be nerve damage if you are noticing sensitivity to hot or cold. This intense sensitivity can be with food or beverages.

Everyone is different, so you might not even present these symptoms, which is why you should have regular dental visits. As your Brooklyn dentist, we want to handle all of your dental needs, whether it is routine cleaning or a root canal. Our dedicated team will take excellent care of you while you are receiving treatment.  The sooner you come in for a root canal, the higher your chances are of saving a decaying tooth. If you are currently suffering from any of the symptoms above, you can schedule an appointment with a Brooklyn dentist by calling our office at (718) 768-1111 as soon as possible.

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