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Common Causes of Halitosis According to Dentists in Brooklyn

Many people are affected by halitosis, which is commonly known as bad breath. Several things can cause bad breath, not just the foods you eat. People often assume that certain foods cause bad breath, but there could also be an underlying issue that is causing the problem. Dentists in Brooklyn like Park Slope Dentistry can determine if your bad breath is caused by a disease or something else. There are options to treat halitosis, so you do not have to suffer from severe breath. Take a look at some frequent causes of halitosis below to see if these might be the source of your bad breath.

Dentures- If you wear dentures, you should clean them thoroughly every day to ensure any built up bacteria is washed away.

Poor Oral Care- Brushing your teeth and tongue twice a day can reduce your chance of bad breath. If you do not adequately care for your teeth, you could develop cavities which can also lead to halitosis.

Medications- Sometimes medications have a side effect of dry mouth which is another leading cause of bad breath. Depending on the type of medicine you are currently taking, you can consult your doctor for alternative medications to take.

Gum Disease- Built up plaque can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Continuously having bad breath is the typical sign of having gum disease.

When you are searching for dentists in Brooklyn, you can turn to Park Slope Dentistry for excellent dental care for the entire family. We provide a variety of dental treatments including one for halitosis. Depending on the severity of your bad breath, we can create a home treatment plan customized to your specific needs or treat it in our office. Our team of dentists in Brooklyn, want you to feel comfortable during your visit with us, so we will provide you with all the information you need before you walk through our doors. Let us help you breathe more comfortably by addressing the source of your bad breath. For additional information about our halitosis treatment or to schedule a dental appointment, you can contact us by calling (718) 768-1111 today.

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