Child Dentistry 101

child-dentistryWhen visiting Dr. Teichman’s dental practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn, you and your family are ensured a few things: 1) Top notch dentistry from skilled dentists, 2) A lifetime of healthy smiles and 3) An inviting atmosphere that is kid-friendly and welcoming to all. Sure, those first two are essential, but that last bullet point is especially important, especially when you’ve got children making the visit!

So what exactly is the difference between adult dentistry and child dentistry? Can’t you simply attend your regular old dentist? While, yes, most dentists will gladly treat children, not all offer the environment and persona that children are most comfortable with. At Park Slope Dentistry, Dr. Teichman and his expert staff offer family dentistry that will put your child at ease.

The Staff

The expert staff at Park Slope Dentistry have lots of experience in dealing with children at their child friendly dental office. They’re friendly, inviting, and know how to talk to children about maintaining a healthy smile without sounding scary or overwhelming. Your child will immediately feel more comfortable!

The Skill

You would be surprised at how different baby teeth are from permanent teeth! When your child visits a dentist who is skilled in childhood dentistry, you’re ensured that they’re in great hands. They know how to approach a child sitting in a dentist seat and know just how to treat tiny teeth.

As you’re thinking about scheduling your child’s first (or tenth!) visit to the dentist, don’t go to just any practice. Choose Park Slope Dentistry, a child friendly dental office that offers complete family dentistry to ensure that your child is comfortable, happy, and fearless!