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3 Uncommon Things That Could be Harming Your Teeth

While red wine, coffee, and candy always are to blame for oral health problems, there are other foods that are Woman at the dentistjust as bad. Here are a few common foods that we don’t usually see as harmful:

Raisins – While raisins might be a better alternative to other sweet snacks, they still act the same when coming in contact with your teeth. Raisins can become stuck in your teeth when chewing, causing tooth decay.

Potato Chips – When you chew potato chips, the small fragments can become stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mouth. When saliva breaks them down, simple sugars are released. These sugars, like the raisins mentioned before, can stick to the enamel and cause tooth decay.

White Wine – White wine is just as bad for your teeth as red wine! These wines are very acidic, causing the enamel on your teeth, to erode. With this protective barrier broken away, your teeth become more sensitive to pain and can become stained.

Just like everything else, moderation and healthier alternatives are a great way to get the satisfaction you’re looking for in a snack while keeping your teeth healthy. The Park Slope Dentistry staff and dentists in Brooklyn can help you find ways to enjoy these foods while maintaining healthy cleaning habits. These dentists in Brooklyn have a wide variety of experiences that can help you and your family maintain a healthy and beautiful smile!

Sleep Apnea: What is It & How Your Dentist Can Help

Do you get complaints about how much you snore at night? Do you wake up repeatedly in the night? What dentist and hygienists about waking up in the morning and still completely exhausted? You might be suffering from Sleep Apnea. But before talking to your doctor, you should schedule an appointment with your Brooklyn dentist.

Sleep Apnea is caused by repeated breathing interruptions while sleeping. This is due to the muscles in the back of your throat are weak, your tongue is too large, or your jaw is too small. These factors cause airway obstructions, causing you to stop breathing for a few seconds or even a few minutes. Because of this, your body tells you to wake up, making you lose sleep.

But why does this involve your dentist? Well, one of the big signs of sleep apnea, aside from snoring or fatigue, is tooth grinding. When in an episode of not breathing, your body grinds its teeth and tenses your jaw. This in turn causes damage to your teeth and gums. Additionally, small jaw, tongue with scalloped edges, and throat redness are signs of oral health decline due to Sleep Apnea. Your dentist can look at your teeth and suggest a sleep study if they think Sleep Apnea is to blame.

Talking to your dentist about discomfort due to grinding teeth, or any of the other oral health symptoms mentioned can help you and your general practitioner diagnose whether or not you suffer from Sleep Apnea. For more information and to maintain your healthy teeth, be sure to contact Park Slope Dental! This renowned Brooklyn dentist office specializes in a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures. Contact them today to help you get a healthier smile and go back to sleep!

Dental Implants: What Are They?

Millions of patients receive dental implants instead of more traditional options, such as bridges or dentures. dentist and patient looking at dental x-rayDental implants replace the roots of the teeth and/or a foundation for replacement teeth. While many are choosing dental implants, some are still hesitant to make the switch. There are plenty of advantages to choosing implants over more traditional methods. There are many, but these are a few major advantages of choosing dental implants.

Implants have an improved appearance over dentures and bridges. Since they are designed to fuse directly with the bone, they are permanent. This way implants look like, and soon feel like, your own teeth. Implant users can easily eat their favorite foods and have no added difficulty speaking. The better fit is clearly a large benefit adding to users having more confidence when eating, speaking, and how they feel.

Durability and convenience are also advantages implants have over bridges and dentures. Implants are incredibly durable and with the proper care, can last the rest of your life. They also don’t require the adhesives that dentures use to stay in place. You don’t have to remove implants! No embarrassment or hassle, stick to simple maintenance you’re ready to go.

Most importantly, implant users have improved oral health. Unlike bridges, implants don’t rely on existing teeth to work. Your teeth are left intact and individual implants are added. This in turn creates a tiny gap between teeth. This aids in continuing oral health practices, such as flossing, and oral health improves.

When deciding if dental implants are best for you, be sure to consult your dentist. Park Slope Dental’s services can help you find which procedure best fits your dental needs. Use one of the top dentists Brooklyn trusts! Contact us at 718.768.1111 for more information.

Four Ways to Get Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your children to do things, like brush their teeth, can sometimes be difficult. But how do you get them smiling kid with bracesto do it? Here are three things you can try to get your children interested in taking care of their teeth.

  1. Have your child pick out their own toothbrush. Many children’s toothbrushes have their favorite colors or cartoon characters on them. By having them choose a toothbrush, they are more inclined to use it. You can even find toothpaste and sometimes even mouthwash that goes with the brush they choose!
  2. Make it part of their routine to brush twice daily. Typically, families have routines in place when it comes to getting ready in the morning for school and when getting ready for bed. This is an easy way to show them when to brush and floss their teeth.
  3. If it is hard to get them adjusted, try making a game out of it. If they brush their teeth for a certain amount of time, they get to read an extra book before bed or more time playing video games. If you have multiple children, using a sticker chart is a good way to keep track and reward brushing at the end of the week.
  4. Show them that going to the dentist is easier when they brush their teeth. Have them go with you to the dentist if they’ve never been before. Like the doctor’s office, the dentist office usually has a reward if they are good during their visit! If they’re old enough, explain to them that cavities and other problems can occur if they don’t brush their teeth.

Your child is sure to have a healthy smile if you start teaching them early! Looking for a new dentist for your family? Consider Park Slope Family Dentistry if you are in the Brooklyn, NY area! We specialize in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and children’s dentistry! Learn more on our website, or call 718.768.1111.

Tooth Loss: 3 Uncommon Causes

Dental experts suggest that the prevention of tooth loss is partially in our control. While there are many people looking at patient in dentist chairdifferent reasons as to why someone might lose a tooth, here are three of the biggest contributors.

  • Poor dental hygiene is a common factor to tooth loss and most oral health problems. Those who don’t regularly visit the dentist are missing out. Going to the dentist twice year is like a mini physical for your teeth. The dentist can see things that you don’t necessarily notice and help fix them before you run into problems. Be sure to keep a routine when it comes to brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist.
  • Smoking and gum disease are linked, which causes problems with your gums not being able to fight off infection. Gum disease itself is one of the leading causes for tooth loss. By stopping smoking and seeing your dentist about any problems related to your gums, you can lessen or stop the possibility of tooth loss.
  • Pre-existing conditions can also attribute to tooth loss. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis also have strong ties to gum disease. Be sure to take care of your pre-existing conditions while planning your oral hygiene maintenance.

Tooth loss is seemingly preventable, so be sure to take steps when caring for you health and your teeth. For more information, schedule an appointment with your dentist. At Park Slope Dental, a premier Brooklyn dentist office, we help you create a plan that prevents and aids in any issues stemming from gum disease or tooth loss. Learn more online or by calling us at 718.768.1111.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Have you ever taken a sip of a cold drink and felt a shooting pain in one of your teeth after? This all too familiar mold of teeth and gumsfeeling is caused by tooth sensitivity. Typically, this is caused by when your gums pull back and leave the surface beneath them uncovered. However there are a few other factors that can cause tooth sensitivity.

Clenching or Grinding Teeth – Do you notice that you clench your teeth or grind them while you’re asleep? Over time this wears down the teeth’s enamel, exposing the surface beneath them. Brushing your teeth too hard or using a hard bristled tooth brush can cause similar problems. Special mouth guards or changing your toothbrush can prevent this type of exposure.

Tooth Decay or Damage – Are your teeth chipped? Having broken teeth can expose the nerve to bacteria, causing inflammation. If the tooth has decayed, it can cause sensitivity near the gum line. Be sure to get broken teeth or teeth you think may be decaying looked at as soon as possible by your dentist.

Gum Disease or Plaque – Gingivitis, aka Gum Disease, inflames gums and pulls them back, causing the surface beneath to become exposed. Plaque can also cause sensitivity when it is found on the roots of your teeth. Again, visiting your dentist can help prevent and treat these causes.

If you still experience sensitivity in your teeth, be sure to visit your dentist and talk to him about options for treatment. Park Slope Dentistry offers a highly knowledgeable team of dentists in Brooklyn, NY ready to help you treat tooth sensitivity.  There are many ways to control tooth sensitivity so you can get back to enjoying the foods you love and living comfortably!

Teeth Whitening: Weighing Your Options

If your teeth are discolored from years of drinking coffee, wine, and other damaging activities, whitening themyoung woman smiling might be something you’ve thought about doing. Teeth whitening comes in a variety of procedures, from the in-office treatments with your dentist to whitening kits that you can do at home. How do you know what type of whitening treatment is right for your teeth? Here are some tips in weighing your options when it comes to teeth whitening.

Consider your current oral health routine – Before deciding which type of teeth whitening treatment is best for you, take a close look at your current oral health routine. Examine the efficiency of it, as well as how often you visit the dentist for regular checkups. This can help to see if you’re lacking in any step of taking care of your teeth, and help to improve your current routine in efforts to brighten your teeth.

Existing dental issues – If you have any pre-existing dental conditions, such as gum disease, an abscessed tooth, or issue with a root canal, teeth whitening may not be for you. In addition, dental implants, crowns, and bonding cannot be lightened with a whitening treatment and should be handled separately with your dentist.

Consider the severity of your discoloration – If you have teeth that are severely discolored or stained from taking certain medicines, consider how intense you’d like your whitening treatment to be. With teeth that are extremely discolored, an in-office whitening treatment program with your dentist that is more intense than an over-the-counter kit is your best option.

Looking for teeth whitening in Park Slope that can transform your smile? Visit us today at for more information.

How Healthy is Your Mouth?

Keeping your mouth healthy is essential to keeping the rest of your body in tip-top shape as well.  Making sure person looking at dental x-raysthat your oral health is being looked at in the same way your overall health is viewed is essential in staying healthy. You could be brushing your teeth each day, but have you ever wondered the overall health of your mouth? Here are some things you should look at when examining your oral health.

Disease – Do you suffer from any cardiovascular diseases or Diabetes? Perhaps you suffer from TMJ or Sleep Apnea. Putting a microscope on the conditions you suffer from medically can help to bring to light oral issues as well. Certain heart conditions and Diabetes especially put those who suffer from them at risk for gum disease, so it’s important to be extremely aware of oral health as well.

Your Toothbrush – Whether you’re aware of it or not, your toothbrush is at the forefront of your oral health. Whether it’s the fact that you haven’t changed it in months or that you’re using a brush with tougher bristles than your mouth can handle, examine your toothbrush when looking at the health of your mouth.

Your Habits – What kind of habits do you do that involve your mouth? From smoking cigarettes to playing an instrument that has a mouth piece, your oral health revolves around the habits that involve using your mouth.

Looking for a dentist that can help you keep your mouth healthy, clean, and sparkling? Our talented team at Park Slope Dental has over 30 years of experience in excellent dental care. Visit us to find out more today at

What You Need to Know About Invisalign

If you’ve always been self-conscious about the alignment of your teeth, chances are you’ve considered braces Invisible orthodontics reflected on the surfaceor some form of straightening them. An option to straighten your teeth without having braces is an Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is a removable straightening treatment that can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Here’s what you need to know about Invisalign and how you can begin treatment.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a removable mouthpiece that is invisible to the naked eye. It’s a series of custom-fitted plastic, straightening devices that work to straighten your teeth over a period of time.

How does it work?

Working alongside your Brooklyn dentist, your doctor will customize a plan in which your clear, Invisalign trays will be worn. These will be designed to fit your teeth in a way that will gradually straighten them.

Who’s a candidate for Invisalign?

The ideal candidate for Invisalign is someone who is in need of their teeth being aligned, and regular, metal braces aren’t an option for their mouth. Additionally, the perfect candidate for Invisalign is someone who needs minor alignment and requires a removable device.

Looking for a Brooklyn dentist that can customize an Invisalign plan for you? Visit us today at for more information on how we can align your smile.

What Toothpaste is Right for You?

On your grocery list for the week, you might have the standard pantry items, your household necessities, and a toothpaste on a toothbrushtube of toothpaste. If you’re like most people, the toothpaste brand you’re loyal to comes and goes with a weekly sale. However, making sure that you’re finding the right toothpaste for your dental needs is extremely important in keeping a healthy mouth. Here are some tips on finding out which toothpaste is right for you.

Look for the ADA’s seal of approval – When you’re in the grocery store looking to purchase your next tube of toothpaste, make sure that it’s approved by the ADA, or American Dental Association. Toothpaste with the seal of approval on them have gone through safety, effectiveness, and other important test to make sure they’re right for your oral health routine.

Consider what your mouth needs – Do you have sensitive teeth? Perhaps you have an issue with receding gums. Whatever type of dental issue or need your mouth requires, look for a toothpaste that will help to aide that.

What it tastes like – This may seem like a silly step in your decision-making process, but it’s important to consider the taste of your toothpaste before you purchase it. We do not recommend tasting them before you buy them, but consider the fact that you’ll be using this in your mouth twice a day. If you’re using it to clean your mouth, it should be a flavor you enjoy and makes your teeth feel clean.

Looking for teeth whitening in Brooklyn NY? Contact us today at for more information on how we can brighten up your pearly whites.