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What’s a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentistry Windsor TerraceYou might be questioning what classifies as a dental emergency. Here at Park Slope Dentistry, we want to inform you about injuries that should be taken seriously. Listed beneath this paragraph are just a few things that are considered a dental emergency and should be treated accordingly.

A Tooth Get Knocked Out

As soon as your tooth gets knocked out, you should locate it and rinse it off because it needs to be placed back in the socket as soon as possible. You can turn to our dental office when you need a knocked out tooth to be positioned back in place.

Gum Injury

If you have been hit in the mouth and your gums are bleeding, you need to visit your dentist immediately, so they can assess the damage and treat your gums accordingly.

Chipped Tooth

When you have a cracked tooth, it can cause other problems. This is not as severe as the other two injuries, but it should not be disregarded.

When a dental emergency arises, you might find yourself in a panic because you are unsure what to do. You can turn to Park Slope Dentistry when you need emergency dentistry in Windsor Terrace. Give our dental team a call at (718) 768-1111 immediately.

Decide if Halitosis Treatment is Right For You

Park Slope DentistsOn a day-to-day basis, you speak to and smile at numerous people, whether you are at work or passing by someone in the grocery aisle. When you have bad breath, you dread any interaction with people even friends and family members. Halitosis is treatable, and the team at Park Slope Dentistry is here to help you decide if the treatment is right for you. Below are some symptoms people with halitosis experience.

Excessive Bad Breath

People often get bad breath from the foods they eat or when they wake up in the morning. However, if you have bad breath constantly, you most likely are suffering from halitosis.

Dry Mouth

When you have a dry mouth, it can lead to bad breath. When your mouth is not making enough salvia, you are at risk for having bad breath all the time.

Bitter Taste in Mouth

Are you tired of having a sour taste in your mouth every day? You don’t have to endure this harsh taste in your mouth when you receive treatment.

There are many causes of halitosis including tooth decay, gingivitis, smoking, dentures, and even certain medicines. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you can make an appointment with Park Slope dentists by calling our office at (718) 768-1111 today.

How Soon Can I See Teeth Whitening Results?

Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn NYWhenever you have to wait, it seems like an eternity. When you are waiting for whiter teeth from treatments, you don’t want to wait any longer than you have too. You are probably wondering how soon you can see results from our teeth whitening in Brooklyn, NY, which is why we have listed out the different time frames below for you.

Zoom!® In-Office Whitening System

When you are in a rush and need whiter teeth ASAP, you should choose our in-office treatment because you can see results within 45 minutes. It is possible for your teeth to become eight shades lighter than when you walked through our office doors. If you are going to a special occasion or have something important coming up, you will need to see results faster, which makes this the best option for you.

Zoom! Take-Home Treatment System

If you are interested in our take-home treatment kit, you can expect to see results within about two weeks. This process takes a little longer than the in-office treatment.

Now that you are aware of the timeframe in which you can expect to see visible results, you can call our office at (718) 768-1111 and schedule an appointment for the in-office treatment or pick up the take-home teeth whitening procedure.

Why You Need to Have Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Park Slope DentistsIt is commonly known that when you reach the age of adulthood, you will most likely need to have your wisdom teeth pulled. There are several explanations as to why people have their wisdom teeth removed, and we have shared a couple of ones with you below.

Growing in Crooked

If your wisdom teeth are projected to grow in crooked, you will need to have your wisdom teeth extracted. If you do not have these four teeth pulled they can damage your other teeth when they grow in sideways.

Not Enough Space

When four new teeth start breaking through the gums, there might not be enough room for the teeth to stay. When you do not have room for the new teeth to come in, it can cause your other teeth to shift. This can cause problems in the mouth, so it is best just to have one or all four wisdom teeth removed.

Sinus Issues

Did you know wisdom teeth can affect your sinuses? Many people are unaware that the addition of wisdom teeth in the mouth can cause unnecessary sinus pressure and congestion.

Let our Park Slope dentists take a look at your wisdom teeth, so we can determine if you will need to have one or all four teeth pulled. Call (718) 768-1111 and book an appointment today.

Why Might You Need a Dental Crown?

A smile is unique just like the person wearing it. When it comes to your smile, some things make it unique to you, but there are things such as cracked or chipped teeth that can make individuals feel self-conscious and avoid smiling in public. Discover a couple of reasons you might consider getting a dental crown to enhance your smile below.Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn

Damaged Tooth

Weak teeth are easily cracked and chipped, which can lead to even more damage. You do not have to hide your damaged teeth anymore because we can add a dental crown to enhance the appearance of your smile. The dental crown is placed over your existing tooth. Since it is shaped like a realistic tooth, it is hard to tell a dental crown from a real tooth.

Improve Function of a Tooth

As we grow older, teeth become dramatically weaker and unable to perform the standard functions like chewing food. A dental crown can help you when it comes to the functionality of a tooth.

If you think your smile can benefit from having a dental crown, you can reach out to our dental team by calling (718) 768-1111 today. Improving your smile is a part of cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, NY, and our dentists are ready to help you.

Schedule Dental Appointments Before Your Child Goes Back to School

Park Slope DentistsCan you believe it is nearly time for your little one to start school? With summer coming to an end shortly, you are running out of time to schedule your child’s dentist appointment before school starts. Check out a couple of reasons why you should book the appointment before your child is back in class below.

Missing School Time

Once your little one is back in school, you do not want them missing anything important going on in class. Whether your child is starting preschool or attending high school, each day is vital to their education. If your child is home sick, you don’t have to worry about them missing too many days because you scheduled their appointments strategically.


During the summertime, you can pick your child up from home or daycare and take them to the dentist. You do not have to worry about checking your child out of school and signing them back in.


Making friends at the beginning of the school year can be scary for little ones. Your child will have the confidence they need with a nice smile to start the school year off right. You can help your child make a good first impression with other students when they love their smile.

Do not wait another minute to book your child’s dental appointment with Park Slope dentists. Call our dental office today at (718) 768-1111 and choose a time that is convenient.

How Do You Get Tonsil Stones?

Park Slope DentistsWhen it comes to matters of the mouth, you can depend on our Park Slope dentists to help you realize what is happening in your mouth, whether you are experiencing pain on one side of your jaw or you are suffering from tonsil stones. Learn more about tonsil stones and what causes them to appear in your mouth below.

What are Tonsil Stones?

A tonsil stone is formed when a tiny bit of debris in your mouth hardens and calcifies at the back of your mouth. The sizes of tonsil stones can vary from small to large. If you are suffering from tonsil stones often, you should consider having your tonsils removed

What are the Signs of Tonsil Stones?

Bad breath is a primary sign of having tonsil stones because of the sulfur levels when you breathe out. If you are noticing your breath getting worse and worse, then you should look in the back of your mouth to determine if you have tonsil stones. Other signs include a sore throat, pain in the ear, and difficulty swallowing.

You can contact the dedicated team at Park Slope Dentistry by dialing (718) 768-1111 to schedule an appointment with our friendly dental staff right now.

Don’t Let Your Smile Hold You Back

Dental Veneers Park SlopeWhen it comes to living your life the way you want, you should not let anything hold you back including your smile. If you are not in love with your smile, whether how it looks in person or photographs, you can depend on the team at Park Slope Dentistry to help you fall in love with your smile again. There are multiple ways that our dental team can help you enjoy your smile, and we have listed a couple of dental services we offer below.

Veneers- When a tooth is misshaped it can cause you to feel self-conscious about smiling because you do not want others to see the imperfections on your teeth. Fortunately, there are dental veneers in Park Slope that will conceal misshaped teeth by placing a porcelain shell on top of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening- People are usually uncomfortable with the color of their teeth, whether your teeth are not the exact shade of white you would like or years of drinking coffee have stained your teeth. Teeth whitening in Brooklyn is a common and simple process that does not take a lot of your time, so you can love your smile in no time.

Call Park Slope Dentistry at (718) 768-1111 so you can start living your life to the fullest without your teeth holding you back.

Improve First Impressions with Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn

Teeth Whitening in BrooklynWhen you are meeting new people, you want to make a lasting impression, so they will remember talking to you. While you will have an infinite amount of first impressions in your life, you will never be able to redo the first impression. Take a look at some situations where you might want to make a good first impression.

Dating- It is no secret that when you are going out on a first date, it is crucial to make an excellent first impression to secure a second date. Build your confidence with our teeth whitening services.

Job Interview- Whether you are applying for a better job within your company or an entirely different company, when you have white teeth you will feel more confident. When you feel better about your smile, you will make a better first impression on the people interviewing you.

Securing a Loan- When you are going to a bank to obtain a loan, your goal is to make a great first impression because you want to be granted the loan.

Smiling also helps people seem more approachable and friendly which is ideal for making a great first impression on people you pass by on the street or in the office. Show off your smile and white teeth when you book an appointment at Park Slope Dentistry for teeth whitening in Brooklyn today. Schedule your appointment by calling (718) 768-1111 today.

What Happens Your Mouth When You Get Mouth Piercings

Park Slope DentistsThere is a rising trend amongst younger adults that involves some type of mouth piercing. If you are considering getting an oral piercing, you might want to reconsider because it can be damaging to your health. Discover a couple of ways below that a mouth piercing can affect your oral health.


Anytime you get a piercing, you are at risk for getting an infection. However, with an oral piercing, your chances are a little more significant because your entire mouth is constantly wet and moisture increases the growth of bacteria. Putting yourself at risk for infection is not the best idea.

Damaged Teeth

By having a piece of metal in your mouth, your chances of chipping a tooth increases dramatically. You might not even realize how often you are playing with this piece of metal throughout the entire day which causes you to repeatedly hit your teeth over and over again with your piercing.

Reach out to our dental team at (718) 768-1111 for more in-depth information about the other adverse effects of getting a piercing in your mouth. Our Park Slope dentists will provide you with the answers you are looking for when it comes to your oral health.