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Back to School Visits to a Dentist in Park Slope

Ring in the new school year with a visit to your child’s dentist in Park Slope to help them start this grade off on the right foot. Whether your child is entering into 1st grade or 12th grade, having a beautiful smile will help your child make an excellent first impression on teachers and classmates.

Here are just a few reasons why you should book your child’s dental appointment before school starts or towards the beginning of the school year instead of waiting until later.

Give Your Child Confidence

Whether it is reading a chapter out loud in class or making new friends at recess, you want your little one to have the confidence and positive self-esteem they need to be successful in school. Smiling more often will help make it easier for your child to make friends, but if your child is not comfortable with their smile, they might be tempted not to smile as often. Don’t forget that school pictures are always taken at the beginning of the school year too.

Every Six Months

Help your child love their smile by bringing them to the dentist in Park Slope every six months. Just like grownups, children need to visit the dentist office every six months, which is twice a year for a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning. If your child is experiencing dental pain, then an appointment should be scheduled right away instead of waiting for their next appointment.

We understand how crazy the schedules are when school is starting because everyone is getting used to being back in school and attending after-school activities. However, once you get into a routine, you should consider scheduling your child’s dentist appointment as soon as possible because the holidays will be here before you know it and then you might not have time to get your child into your dentist in Park Slope until next year.

Even though you might be overwhelmed with shopping for school supplies, you should schedule a time to take your child to the dentist in Park Slope before school starts or during the beginning months before the holidays arrive. Inquire about out available appointments for your child by calling (718) 768-1111 right now.

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