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Fluoride – Do We Need It?

Fluoride is something that is common to be in oral care products and naturally in water. It’s beneficial to woman showing teeth in dentist appointment keeping your teeth healthy and strong, as well as helps to prevent cavities from forming in your mouth. However, many people do not feel that Fluoride is as beneficial as we once thought it was. Here are some facts on if this mineral is as necessary to proper oral care as we think it is.

Fluoride is necessary in children’s dentistry – When children visit the dentist, a common thing that is looked at are the structure, growth, and overall strength of their developing teeth. Children consume sugary foods and drinks in a different way than most adults do, and their dental health is at a pivotal stage when they’re one to seven years old. Fluoride helps to build tooth enamel and prevent cavities, which is why it’s crucial in a child’s dentist visit.

Fluoride is good for your teeth at any age – Not only is it helpful in building strong teeth in children, but it’s beneficial to adults as well. Naturally, fluoride exists in water and in some dental care products, so there are ways of getting it as an adult outside of a treatment. No matter what age you are, fluoride can help to prevent decay and cavities.

It’s beneficial in moderation – When it comes to Fluoride and the benefits it has on your teeth, the right amount is what’s going to help them out the most. Too much Fluoride use for your teeth can actually have an adverse effect, causing issues outside of your teeth. While using things in moderation is standard for almost everything in life, it’s important to have the right amount of Fluoride in water and elsewhere to keep yourself healthy.

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Tips on Becoming More Comfortable with the Dentist

If you’re one of the many people that fear going to the dentist, the anxiousness you experience before heading woman smiling during dental examto an appointment can be unbearable. However, you can’t let your fear of the dentist ruin your oral health and keep you away from getting checked out. Here are some tips on becoming more comfortable with going to the dentist for your next appointment.

Communicate your fear – Sometimes, talking about your fear of the dentist with your dentist can help to alleviate some anxiety. This will not only give you the opportunity to learn from your dentist about what’s going to be done in the procedure, but it will also help your dentist understand what’s going on from your perspective.

Keep going to the dentist – Stopping your checkups and returning to the dentist for cleanings will not help you get over your fear of going, as well as put your oral health in danger. Make sure you keep going to the dentist regularly, and it’s possible that your fear will subside altogether!

Do something relaxing before your appointment – Before you head to an appointment with your dentist, make sure you do a relaxing activity before. Whether it’s meditating, doing yoga, going for a massage, or perhaps a brisk walk, this can help you calm down before your appointment.

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Signs You May Need Oral Surgery

Having pain in your mouth that you can’t ease? Maybe you’re experiencing severe headaches that do not letgirl and dentist evaluating dental x-ray up. Whatever the issue may be with your mouth, there’s a chance you might need oral surgery to alleviate what’s happening. Here are some signs that you might need surgery on your mouth, and how to go about talking to your dentist about it.

Jaw pain – Having issues opening and closing your mouth without pain? This may be a sign of having Bruxism or TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). In very severe cases of these conditions, oral surgery may be required to fix underlying issues. Your Brooklyn NY dentist would be able to evaluate the severity of your issues and decide on what is required to help fix it.

Pain from impacted wisdom teeth – If you still have your wisdom teeth and are experiencing pain in your mouth, this may be a sign you need to have them extracted. Even if they haven’t caused you any pain before and now you’re experiencing some, it’s important to talk to your dentist about removing them.

Loss of teeth – If you’ve experienced losing a tooth or many teeth in a row, you may need to consider oral surgery and dental implants. While there are other options outside of implants for replacing teeth, implants are a permanent solution to fixing a smile.

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Tips on Halitosis: What to do and how to prevent it

Halitosis: it’s something many people experience but is a chronic issue for some. While it’s caused by a varietywoman smiling with braces of different factors, Halitosis involves factors outside of your mouth. Here’s what to do when you have Halitosis and what to do to prevent it from recurring.

Stay hydrated – Halitosis is caused by bacteria forming in your mouth, and having a dry, dehydrated mouth breeds this form of bacteria. It’s important to your health, as well as keeping Halitosis at bay, to stay hydrated by drinking at least 24 ounces of water per day.

Go to the dentist for regular cleanings – One reason why Halitosis is an issue for so many people is because they do not go for regular cleanings. When you don’t go to the dentist for regular cleanings, the bacteria that causes bad breath sticks to the plaque buildup on your gums and teeth.

Eliminating certain foods from your diet – Certain foods that are high in sulfur and proteins can cause the bacteria from Halitosis to multiply quicker. These foods are often stinky to begin with, like garlic and strong cheeses. Eliminating them from your diet can help to keep Halitosis at bay.

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Get Your Teeth in Wedding Shape – Three Things to Do to your Teeth before the Big Day

Your wedding should be a day where your smile is like no other smile others have seen. It’s a day where you happy couple wedding daycelebrate a new chapter of you and your partner’s lives together, so showing off your pearly whites to others should come natural. Here are some things you should do to make sure your teeth are in impeccable shape before your wedding day.

Get a cleaning – If your six months is up and it’s time to see your dentist for a cleaning, make sure that you go before your big day. This is also a great time to get a checkup and make sure that your teeth are not only healthy, but aesthetically in nice shape before your special day.

Drink lots of water – This may seem like an odd thing to keep your teeth in good shape before your wedding, but drinking lots of water leading up to and during your big day can help to keep your teeth looking fabulous. When you’re smiling for countless pictures during that day, your mouth can become dry – so it’s important you stay hydrated and keep your mouth healthy.

Whitening treatments – If you’re worried about your teeth and discoloration, talk to your dentist about what type of whitening treatments would be best for you. Whether it’s in-office whitening or a treatment that you can do from the comfort of your home, making sure your teeth stay bright and white for your big day can help to produce memories for years to come.

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Little Known Facts about Your Teeth

Your teeth are these to cut your food and create your trademark smile for pictures. However, there are plenty ofemale smilef things that you might not know about your teeth and how they play into your overall health and your body’s daily functions. Here are few things about your ivories that are just down-right fascinating!

Their best defense isn’t necessarily the brush – Did you know that while your oral health primarily relies on the brushing of your teeth, it’s not the most important thing to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape? Your saliva and the amount of saliva is actually your best defense when it comes to fighting plaque, keeping your gums healthy, and digesting your food properly.

Your teeth are unique to you only – Much like a thumbprint, the indentation your teeth leave in anything they clamp down on is unique to only you. Dental imprints identify you in the same way that a fingerprint does. While you loose teeth and things change in your mouth as you get older, the primary alingment and indentations do not change.

Your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body – Did you know that the hardest surface on your body is in your tooth enamel? While things like your diet, time, and your genetics have an impact on the health of your enamel, it remains the hardest part of your body because it protects the rest of your tooth from decay.

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Bruxism – What It Is & How to Prevent It

Have you ever woken up after a long night of sleep to a throbbing headache for no reason? There’s a chance bruxismthe cause of your headache could be grinding your teeth at night, which is called Bruxism. Bruxism is caused by a variety of different disorders and other conditions; however it’s extremely important in keeping your teeth healthy that you nip it in the bud. Here are some common reasons why people experience Bruxism and how to prevent it from causing damage in the long run.

Why Does Bruxism Happen?

Bruxism generally happens during sleep. It’s usually a symptom of people who are stressed or are experiencing anxiety, as well as those who suffer from the dangerous sleep disorder, sleep apnea. In addition to these disorders, grinding your teeth while you sleep can also be an effect of a misaligned bite or teeth issues in general.

How to Prevent Bruxism

There are a variety of ways that you can help to prevent Bruxism at varying levels of severity. The first thing your dentist will suggest is cutting back on caffeine throughout the day, which can make you feel on edge which effects, your sleep at night. Depending on the severity of your Bruxism, your dentists in Brooklyn may suggest wearing a mouth guard while you sleep. This puts a barrier between your teeth and helps to cushion the pressure you’re putting on your jaw.

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The Fight against Plaque – What You Can Do to Prevent It

Plaque: it’s one of your mouth’s worst enemies. It builds up on your teeth, causing damage to your enamel, gums, and potentially the rest of your mouth as well. Here are some ways that you can prevent plaque from building up in your mouth.

Sticking to your brushing schedultoothbrush with toothpaste on ite – For most people, it’s easiest to remember that you have to brush your teeth twice a day by doing it in the morning and before they go to bed. However life happens, it can be easy to stray away from your brushing schedule, thus allowing plaque to build up. Make sure that you remember to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day to help keep plaque away.

Flossing – It’s not everyone’s favorite activity, but it’s essential in the fight against plaque. Making sure that you floss at least once a day helps to prevent plaque from building up in the places your toothbrush can’t reach – in between your teeth.

Cut down on the carbs – Did you know that carbs have a great deal of sugar in them, which is some that plaque feeds on? Cutting down on starchy and sugary foods and drinks can help to keep the plaque from growing on your teeth more rapidly than usual.

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Top Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

A gleaming smile is within your reach! If your teeth have yellowed over time or have stains resulting from mouth and teethdrinking cola or coffee, you may be one of the thousands of people who considered teeth whitening in Brooklyn.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Just like how people have different hair and skin color, we all also have different tooth color. Discoloration may be a result of nicotine use, the natural aging process, accumulation of plaque and tarter, trauma to the teeth, ingesting too much fluoride, or drinking coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and eating food high in pigmentation such as blueberries or cherries.

Tooth Whitening Benefits

There are many reasons to undergo a tooth whitening procedure. Here are just a few of them:

  • To remove unsightly stains caused from soda, coffee, fruits, and other foods and beverages
  • For a special event, such as a wedding, job interview, or class reunion
  • To help you quit smoking. Once you have your new, shiny pearly whites, you’re not going to want to ruin them with cigarette stains
  • Giving a great first impression at a job interview by flashing your glowing grin
  • To heighten your confidence and self-esteem and to feel happier
  • To whiten your aging teeth. Discoloration can be part of the natural aging process
  • Better oral health and hygiene. You’ll want to take better care of your teeth after they look beautiful and shiny
  • It is non-surgical and can be done as quickly as your lunch break
  • It is not painful or invasive

If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, there are tons of reasons why you should undergo this painless, simple procedure. Not only is it good for your health, but it’s also great for your happiness

4 Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces

Think braces are merely for kids and teens? This is no longer true. Now, more adults than ever before are invisible bracesseeking out orthodontic treatments for a plethora of reasons. From straightening their smiles to correcting their bites, services such as Invisalign in Brooklyn are enabling grown-ups to get great grins without the need for traditional wire braces. Here are four reasons why adults should consider getting braces.

Teeth Can Move at Any Age

Even if you’re in your prime, your teeth can still shift due to natural growth, a health condition, or an injury. Even if you had straight teeth in the past, you now could be facing an overcrowded or crooked smile.

To Avoid Hazardous Oral Health Issues

When you have misaligned teeth or a cross bite, this gives plaque and food buildup to get in between your teeth, resulting in serious health issues, including gum disease or periodontal disease. If you get braces, this will also help in preventing tooth decay and loss, gum and bone loss, chronic facial discomfort, and wear and tear on your tooth enamel.

Increased Confidence

Studies have shown that when you have a straight and beautiful smile, you also have heightened self-esteem and are generally happier. Braces can help correct crooked teeth that embarrass and deflate your ego.

They Are More Affordable and Less Noticeable

Gone are the days of standard metal braces. Now, with Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth subtly, without anyone having to know. It is made of a clear material that is personalized to fit your teeth perfectly.

If you are an adult and considering getting braces, now is the best time to do it. They are affordable, can help boost your happiness, and are good for your health.