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What are Dental Implants?

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans despite advancements in dentistry. This can occur because of tooth decay, gingivitis, or even injuries. You used to have to get dentures or bridges to solve this problem, but dental implants have become available as an alternative in recent years. Dental implants are an all-around better alternative to traditional dentures and bridges, but what are they?

Dental implants are basically a replacement for the roots of your teeth. These act as a foundation to which a Brooklyn, NY dentist can affix permanent or removable replacement teeth. Dental implants are made to match your natural teeth, so they look much more natural. They are also designed to fuse with your jawbone, meaning that they become permanent. A dental implant will feel like you simply grew a new tooth to replace the old one.

There are many benefits that come with choosing dental implants over dentures.

  • Appearance- Dental Implants look just like real teeth, so no one will ever know the difference.
  • Speech- Dentures and bridges can fit awkwardly in your mouth or even slip which can cause you to slur or mumble your speech. Since dental implants are just like normal teeth, your speech should not be affected at all.
  • Comfort- Dental implants become one with your mouth, which means you’ll get none of the discomfort that comes with dentures. You can also eat your favorite foods comfortably and easily without the fear of having your teeth fall out.
  • Better Oral Health- You don’t have to shave down or alter the surrounding teeth with a dental implant the way you do with tooth-supported bridges. The fact that the implants are individual rather than attached to the same device also means that you can clean and floss your teeth more easily.
  • Durability- Dental implants have the ability to last for an entire lifetime with the proper care. They are not easily broken or worn down as bridges and dentures.
  • Convenient- With dental implants you don’t have to worry about messing with adhesives or remembering to take them in and out every day. Once they are installed by your Brooklyn, NY dentist, they will stay in place.

Dentures don’t always remedy you hiding your smile because they are difficult to deal with and can cause further embarrassment if they don’t fit properly. Dental implants installed by a qualified Brooklyn, NY dentist can drastically improve your smile and get you smiling with confidence again.

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