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TMJ: What it is & How to treat it

If you are experiencing severe pain and discomfort in your face, jaw and surrounding muscles, it is possible that you have TMD, temporomandibular disorder, better known to most as TMJ after the joint itself where the problem occurs. TMJ is an acronym for the temporomandibular joint; the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull. It is often difficult to determine exactly what causes a person’s TMD.  Pain can arise from one or multiple problems, such as jaw injury, stress, or arthritis. Some people who experience jaw pain may also clench or grind their teeth while they sleep at night. In most cases, the pain and discomfort from TMD can be alleviated with nonsurgical treatments or self-managed care.  However, some cases of TMD may require surgery to correct. It is advised that you consult a dentist if you are experiencing any sort of pain and discomfort in your jaw or face as symptoms can get worse. If you are in need of a Brooklyn dentist, look no further than Ronald I. Teichman, D.D.S. at Park Slope Dentistry.

TMD can also affect areas connected to your face and jaw, such as your neck and shoulders and in or around the ear when you speak, chew, or open your mouth wide. It can be temporary after stress on your jaw from opening too wide to eat food or it can be long-lasting from a previous injury sustained. It may affect one or both sides of your face. People with TMD may have jaws that become locked in the open or closed-mouth position, or may have difficulty opening their jaws wide at all. Clicking, popping, and grating sounds in the jaw joint should not be ignored as they are also signs of TMD. TMD may also cause headaches, neck aches, ear aches, dizziness, hearing problems, shoulder pain, and ringing in the ears. Without treatment, conditions can get worse and cause sinus problems, arthritis, gum disease, and tooth decay. A consultation with Brooklyn dentist, Ronald I. Teichman, D.D.S., will help you find out the cause of your TMD and get you on track to correcting the issue and relieving your pain and discomfort.

Schedule your appointment today with Brooklyn dentist, Ronald I. Teichman, D.D.S. at Park Slope Dentistry to figure out the right treatment for you. Depending on the severity of your TMD, ice or moist heat may give you the relief that you are looking for. In other cases, relaxation techniques and jaw exercises may need to be learned from the dentist for use at home to ease the discomfort. In severe cases, pain relievers, muscle relaxers, or surgery might be the answer to your pain and discomfort. Please do not wait until symptoms get worse and call to schedule an appointment today.

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