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How to Avoid Unnecessary Trips to Your Brooklyn Dentist

A dentist would most likely prefer to see you only a few times a year rather than see you for a serious emergency because you haven’t taken good care of your teeth. When it comes to proper oral hygiene, you need to be brushing, flossing, and eating the best foods for your teeth every single day.

The idea here is that dentists genuinely want to see you in good health, as poor oral health is often an indicator to later health problems in other areas of the body later on in life. It is still important to visit a Brooklyn dentist at least once every six months to a year to ensure that your teeth are getting properly cleaned and examined. Here are some tips on avoiding those costly and unnecessary trips.

  • Get a six month checkup, or an examination twice a year. This may also include a cleaning to ensure that you don’t have plaque buildup. This will vary from person to person as some who are at a greater risk for gum disease or cavities will need to visit more often.
  • If you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, you will need to visit the dentist more often to make sure that you are not suffering from gum disease and/or are not showing the early signs of it.
  • Those who do suffer from a high risk for gum disease will have a greater history of cavities and plaque build-up, so if this is you, make sure you’re doing everything you can to maintain your oral hygiene. This will consist of brushing at least twice a day, flossing twice a day and using mouthwash.
  • Avoid consuming foods that are sticky in nature. Dried fruits or candy of any kind will stick to your teeth longer than you think it wills which will increase your risk for cavities. Have a few here and there, but don’t over consume these types of items.
  • Citric acid is not your friend. Avoid large consumption of items that are acidic in nature. Things like citric fruits (limes, lemons), fruit juices, and salad dressings will deteriorate your teeth faster as it eats away at your enamel. Brush your teeth immediately after consuming these types of foods and drinks and always eat them in moderation.
  • Make sure you are reading ingredient labels. Many different types of food today have a lot of additives and chemicals that make them processed. These are not generally good for your body and can greatly harm your mouth. Try to eat natural foods in order to keep your mouth healthy which will in turn help you avoid the Brooklyn dentist unnecessarily.
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