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Three Tips from Dentists in Brooklyn on How to Prevent Mouth Injuries

When it comes to protecting your teeth and mouth from injury, there are many things that your dentists in Brooklyn may tell you to do. Whether it’s wearing a mouth guard when you play any type of contact sport or wearing a helmet when biking, the advice they give on how to prevent your mouth from injury is crucial in keeping your oral health in check. Here are three tips in making sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your smile intact and free from harm.

Wear your seat belt – This may seem like an odd way to prevent mouth injuries, but wearing your seat belt while driving is essential in preventing a dental injury from happening. In the event of an accident, you do not have total control over what injuries can happen to your body, however wearing a seat belt is one way you can help to prevent an injury to your mouth and teeth. Not only does wearing a seat belt while driving help to protect your entire body, it also helps to protect your mouth from the impact of an accident as well.

Wearing a mouth guard – If you participate in any type of sport, wearing a mouth guard while playing is a major factor in keeping your entire mouth safe from injury. Most dentists in Brooklyn will tell you that regardless if the game is considered a contact sport or not, wearing a mouth guard is necessary in keeping your teeth projected from damage. If the sport you’re playing is something that is high-contact or could potentially be dangerous, your dentist may recommend wearing a face mask or helmet to protect your entire head and mouth. These may not be the most aesthetically pleasing devices, but they can help to prevent injury to your mouth and many dentist bills down the road.

Address teeth grinding – If you suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding unconsciously while you sleep, you’re putting all of your teeth at risk for injury. Many dentists in Brooklyn address bruxism by giving you a mouth guard to wear while you sleep, but if you’re unsure of if it’s happening to you it’s important to know the signs. Things like waking up with a headache, jaw pain, or sensitive teeth could all be signs of bruxism. If these symptoms go on for too long, you put your teeth at risk for damaged enamel, worn down and flattened teeth, as well as potentially chipping or breaking them if severe enough.

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