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Three Damaging Habits to Break To Save Your Teeth

Your smile is your trademark: it’s the first thing many people see, what you show off when you’re happy, and something that is shown in almost every photograph you’ll take. Making sure that you’re taking care of your smile is important – whether it’s visiting your Brooklyn dentist every six months for a routine cleaning or watching what you eat to preserve your tooth enamel. However, sometimes we partake in certain habits that are ruining our teeth and we’re not entirely aware of the damage we’re causing to them. Here are three damaging habits that you can break in order to preserve your smile for years to come.

Chewing Ice – There’s nothing quite like drinking an ice cold glass of water on a hot day. While staying hydrated is important to every human being, you can leave the ice at the bottom of your glass instead of chomping down on it when your drink is finished.  If you have a habit on chewing on the remaining ice in your glass after a drink, you need to stop to preserve your teeth and their overall health. Chewing on ice can not only break a tooth and cause an emergency visit to your Brooklyn dentist, but it can also irritate the tissue inside of your tooth and cause issues with tooth sensitivity.

Not Using a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports – Athletes: we know it’s not the most attractive piece of your uniform, but opting out of wearing a mouth guard when you’re playing sports can cause severe damage to your teeth. Regardless of what type of sport you’re playing, being physically active around other people – especially in contact sports – requires a mouth guard. If you’re not sure on where you can purchase a mouth guard for your next game, reach out to your Brooklyn dentist for information on where to find them.

Chewing on Hard Candy/Lozenges – When you’re feeling a little under the weather, popping in a cough drop can help to ease the harsh symptoms of a cold. However, when you’re treating the symptoms of your cold with a lozenge or just having some hard candy, do not chew on it. Chewing on hard candy or cough drops, whether you do it mindlessly or not, can severely damage your teeth. Breaking this habit can help to keep your teeth from being chipped or broken.

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