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A Brooklyn NY Dentist on Mistakes You’re Making When Brushing

Keep your teeth and gums healthy for life with regular care from our Brooklyn NY dentist. The staff at our dental clinic offers a series of services for patients of all ages. At our local office, our team offers services to promote the oral health of every member of your family. From cosmetic treatments to general dentistry options, we have your needs covered through every phase of life.

Are You Brushing Your Teeth the Right Way?

From the time we are very young, we are taught that brushing and flossing are essential towards a lifetime of healthy smiles. While this remains true, it is equally as important to follow the right practices for brushing and flossing. Many children do not learn the proper way to brush their teeth, leading to some different dental problems as a result.

Whether you are six years old or 60, it is never too late to start practicing the right dental techniques. At our Brooklyn NY dentist office, we take the time to explain to you the right way to brush and floss. We typically see the following mistakes being made by patients of all ages:

  • Brushing too hard
  • Toothbrush bristles are too stiff
  • Not following the two-minute rule
  • Using an old brush
  • Skipping inner tooth surfaces
  • Neglecting the tongue
  • Not flossing

Individual Plans from Our Dentist

Every patient is different. No matter what your age and current dental condition, our staff has your needs covered with each of our services. From the moment you walk through the door until you leave to go home, you can trust that our Brooklyn NY dentist and supporting team have your oral health in mind.

When you visit our dentist for treatment, you will receive a customized plan for each of your needs. We provide a wide range of different dental services to improve the overall health and appearance of your smile.

From children’s dentistry and general oral health treatments to teeth whitening services and other cosmetic options, you can count on our Brooklyn NY dentist to deliver the leading standard of service for each of your oral health needs. We believe that quality is important, and we are committed to only using the latest technologies and top materials for our treatments. Our treatment plans are designed to deliver beautiful results that leave you smiling for all of the right reasons.

Contact us to request an appointment with our dentist office. We offer services for patients of all ages throughout Brooklyn, New York.

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